11th Annual
Heartland Writers Conference
June 3-5, 2004
Sikeston, Mo.
Conference Info

Writing Competition

Entry Deadline: April 12

2004 Conference brochure
and registration/entry forms
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2004 Heartland Writers Conference and
'Great Beginnings' Writing Competition

Writing Competition Information

Entry Guidelines
To enter the writing competition you must attend the conference. Finalists will be announced during Saturday’s luncheon. Awards will be presented at the evening banquet on Saturday, June 5.

Deadline - April 12, 2004
Manuscripts MUST accompany your conference registration and be postmarked no later than April 12, 2004. Your work must not have been accepted for publication at time of submission. You may submit a maximum of three (3) entries. However, you may submit no more than two (2) entries in any one category. If you have been published in a category, you may NOT enter that category.

Manuscripts, synopses, and treatments must be double-spaced on plain white 20 or 24 lb. paper. Do NOT use a fancy font or small print. Examples of acceptable fonts are Courier, Courier New, Times New Roman or Times Roman. The font size should be no larger than 12 points and no smaller than 11 points. Screenplays must be in the appropriate screenplay format. Letter quality dot matrix print is acceptable in addition to inkjet or laser print.

Each SUBMISSION must include two (2) cover pages:

COVER PAGE #1 should contain:

• TITLE of the work
• The name of the CATEGORY being entered
• Actual or anticipated length of completed manuscript (for book-length entries and screenplays only), and
• The anticipated MARKET for the work (see examples at right)

COVER PAGE #2 should include:

• All of the above information EXCEPT your name, address and telephone number.

Do NOT include your name on any page other than the first cover page. Entries are numbered and judged on merit relative to other submissions. Send entries loose-leaf. Do NOT bind in any way. Send TWO (2) COPIES of each submission. Retain your original copy. The CONTEST ENTRY FORM must be filled out in full and returned along with your manuscripts, entry fee, and conference registration form and fee. A $15 handling fee must accompany each manuscript entry.

FINALISTS will be judged by editors, agents or other professionals specializing in the respective category of writing.

PRIZES - First Place entries in each category will received an engraved plaque. Second Place entries will receive a certificate. Evaluation sheets will be returned to each entrant Saturday night after the banquet. Entries will NOT be returned.

PLEASE NOTE - Winning DOES NOT guarantee publication or representation.


Any category that does not receive a sufficient number of entries may be consolidated with other categories.

  • Novel
    Submit a synopsis that does not exceed seven double-spaced pages and the first chapter in one of these categories: 1) Mainstream/Single Title; 2) Mystery/Suspense; 3) Romance; 4) Genre Fiction (i.e., Adventure, Western, Sci Fi, Fantasy, etc); or 5) Juvenile/Young Adult.
  • Short Story
    Submit a manuscript no longer than 2,500 words.
  • Children’s Picture Book
    Submit entire manuscript.
  • Book-Length Nonfiction
    Submit first chapter (any length) and a proposal that does not exceed seven pages.
  • Article-Length Nonfiction
    Submit a manuscript no longer than 2,500 words.
  • Poetry
    Submit entire poem.
  • Screenplay
    Submit a one-page treatment and the first 50 pages.

When stating the anticipated market for your work, be as specific as possible. i.e.: 1) Fiction - Romance - Silhouette Desire or Harlequin Temptation; 2) Fiction - Short Story; 3) Fiction - Genre Fiction - Western; 4) Nonfiction - Book - History.


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