heartland writers

2004 'Great Beginnings' Writing Competition Winners


  1. The Peacock Feathers--Mary Serenda Jenks, Fairdealing, MO
  2. What Do You See--Gerald F. Derousse, Ste. Genevieve, MO

YA and Children's

  1. My Alphabet Primer--Mary Serenda Jenks, Fairdealing, MO
  2. Chat--Debbie Archer, Walnut Ridge, AR

Short Stories

  1. Procrastination--Lauri DeMali, Chicago, IL
  2. God Damn Charlotte--Larry Hightower, Jefferson City, MO

Mainstream Fiction

  1. Dance of Destiny--Maggie Brown, Springfield, MO
  2. Identiy Crisis--Sharon Yanish, Williamson, GA

Genre Ficton

  1. Kill From the Sky--Robert O. Harder, Chicago, IL
  2. Last Singer of Anashill Ridge--Faye Parker, Jackson, MO


  1. Buy for Me the Sun--LaDon Mally, Dexter, MO
  2. Sweeter Than Music--Jill Haas, Charleston, MO

Nonfiction Article

  1. Lost and Found--Karen Uban, West Frankfort, IL
  2. Grand Canyon Look Out--Linda A. White, Bismark, MO


  1. N.E.S.T--Chuck Render, Clarksville, TN
  2. Trumpet--Tim Morgan, Cape Girardeau, MO


  1. Catfish Capers--Karen Varga, St. Peters, MO
  2. Murder a la Chicken--Janice C. Lovekamp, Jackson, MO


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